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Create a Safer, Better Ecommerce and Online Shopping Experience Across the Whole Customer Lifecycle

Protecting your retail customers from ecommerce fraud -- without affecting their online shopping experience -- is a constant and growing challenge. iovation makes it possible through easy-to-use  fraud prevention solutions that reduce ecommerce fraud losses while removing inconvenience for your customers. Using device-based authenticationmultifactor authentication and machine learning, iovation enables you to speed your good customers right to shopping.

In 2017 we found that 51% of all transactions in the retail industry were completed on a mobile device.  The steady growth of mobile devices being used for online shopping and ecommerce transactions makes it critical for retailers to have an advanced mobile ecommerce fraud detection and prevention solution in place to help reduce losses from ecommerce fraud. 

Key Capabilities

Improve UX while minimizing:

  • Cart abandonment
  • Credit card fraud 
  • Shipping fraud  
  • Account takeover 
  • Promotion abuse

How HSN Defends Against Mobile Fraud

Hear from Broderick Williams, Operating Vice President of Fraud and Loss Prevention at HSN, as he describes how deploying iovation's Mobile SDK across all of their platforms has enabled them to gather more mobile device information and data; allowing HSN to stop more ecommerce fraud up front, before it can do damage.

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