Social distancing is changing the shopping behaviors of consumers all around the world. Since the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global pandemic on March 11, we’ve already seen a 23% increase in e-commerce transactions within a one week period of time.

To address the challenges and changes in shopping patterns resulting from this pandemic, and other trends, retailers must be prepared to combat fraud while providing great experiences on their web and mobile platforms. However, a pattern shift to e-commerce is not without opportunity for retailers.

Our 2020 e-commerce report explores the impact and growth opportunities mobile commerce has opened up to the industry. As mobile commerce continues to grow as a tool for consumers to purchase goods and services, successful retailers are finding innovative ways to provide personalized experiences in our changing global landscape. However, this leaves merchants facing significant risk as fraudsters focus on exploiting retailers’ deeper digital connections with consumers. This move to mobile resulted in 118% growth in potential fraud originating from mobile devices last year, compared to the year before.

The 2020 e-commerce report also offers insights into preventing fraud and meeting consumer expectations, as mobile commerce continues to scale on a global level. Download the report to learn:

  • The four top fraud trends that retailers are facing in 2020
  • How to deliver a mobile commerce experience that is both seamless and secure
  • The key consumer expectations retailers need to meet in order to stay competitive
  • The E-Commerce Consumer Data Bill of Rights: How demonstrating responsible stewardship of consumer data will lead to consumer trust

The e-commerce industry has been affected by widespread scams related to COVID-19. Find out how to combat this fraud without losing good consumers in our upcoming webinar: Protecting Your Consumers From Fraud in the COVID-19 Era