Because we're one of the better known tech companies in southeast Asia, we are used to getting good support from our vendors. With that said, I found that IDVision with iovation’s customer support was really outstanding.
Paul Knapp Chief Technology Officer
The lack of dedicated customer success kept Kaidee’s anti-fraud team from making full use of a previous vendor’s solution. Meanwhile, fraudulent users had an advantage in their attempts to cheat Kaidee’s honest buyers and sellers.The support Kaidee received from IDVIsion with iovation surpassed its rigorous expectations. Even at a half integration, the IDVision with iovation feature set proved superior to the status quo.Kaidee switched to IDVision with iovation largely due to the support experience. As IDVision with iovation is implemented across Kaidee’s digital properties, the online marketplace expects to enhance the customer experience, brand reputation, and market share with plans for a full integration now in its product roadmap.

Support experience surpasses high expectations and precedent

“Our previous online fraud prevention tool wasn’t bad, but we just didn’t get the kind of support we needed,” explains Paul Knapp, Chief Technology Officer at Kaidee. “A lot of our people put in a lot of effort with them to make it work. We were spending money and we weren't getting what we expected in return. So, we began to assess other vendors that could provide a dedicated customer success team.”

As Thailand’s largest online marketplace, Kaidee runs on trust. Its users must trust each other, and feel confident that Kaidee’s doing everything possible to protect them from fraudulent buyers and sellers. The company has done an excellent job of meeting that expectation. In 2018, Kaidee helped over 35 million users to buy and sell everything from electronics to cars to real estate.

“We want our users to have a great experience buying and selling on our platform,” says Paul. “To deliver that experience, ads must go up quickly and stay up as expected, access and communication must be as easy as in the real world, and all parties must act with integrity.”

Kaidee needed a partner, not just a tool

Because a small number of fraudsters try to take advantage of Kaidee’s users, the tech company sought a device recognition solution that could meet the company’s specific business needs. Beyond essential features such as real-time detection, granular control over business rules, and a collaborative consortium model, Kaidee needed a vendor that would behave like a partner.

“Our anti-fraud team is all Thai,” Paul explains. “Fluency in English isn’t a pre-requisite for the work. The team succeeds at protecting our customers because they’re so well tuned to the nuances of the Thai culture and language. However, that also means it's very difficult for us to get close to the full value of what we need without proper training and patient support.”

During iovation’s proof-of-concept phase, Paul and his team evaluated iovation’s support as carefully as the device recognition technology. Seven time zones separate iovation’s customer success team from Kaidee’s anti-fraud team. Paul recognized that a remote support experience over such a distance—geographically, linguistically and culturally—would present a challenge.

“They worked hard to ensure we succeeded.”

“I thought that iovation’s customer success team was very patient through the whole proof-of-concept phase,” says Paul. “When we had questions, they worked hard to find solutions and to ensure that everything was working as it should. Sometimes they would anticipate our questions, which really showed their investment in our success. Considering that they're probably used to dealing with teams in Europe and North America, I was really impressed with their dedication in the face of the language barrier, cultural differences and nuances in our operations.”

At the end of the proof-of-concept, Kaidee’s fraud team assessed the results. In addition to excellent support, Kaidee concluded that iovation’s feature set greatly surpassed the status quo.

For example, Kaidee placed great value on the fact that iovation saves information about users who pass a manual review. Even when the fraud team decides to allow reviewed users to remain on the site, they still like to have access to historical data about the circumstances of the probationary block. In the past, that information would be lost when Kaidee decided to unblock the user.

Kaidee able to preserve trust and fairness

iovation's device recognition technology uses thousands of permutations of device attributes—including app and system information, geolocation, and much more—to instantly identify each visiting device and continue to recognize it over time, without requiring users’ personally identifying information (PII). This, combined with iovation’s customizable business rules, account-relationship monitoring and device anomaly checks, delivers a real-time decision on each transaction.

Once Kaidee had FraudForce implemented, the anti-fraud team began to place evidence of fraud and abuse against offending devices in iovation’s Intelligence Center, the world’s richest device reputation database with over 5.9 billion devices seen. From then on, devices suspected of cheating honest customers or otherwise violating Kaidee’s terms of use could be flagged for review automatically. Those with a reputation for fraud—or an association with a known bad device—can be blocked permanently.

Every anti-fraud professional involved in iovation’s 4,900-plus community of users is intrinsically motivated to add the highest quality of evidence to iovation’s 66 million reports of fraud and abuse. When devices with a history of confirmed fraud or abuse goes to any other digital property (website or mobile app) that is protected by iovation, its reputation precedes it with a configurable, real-time alert. Each piece of evidence—from multiple industries and geographies—helps Kaidee’s anti-fraud team make smarter decisions about the devices visiting its digital properties.

Quality and enthusiasm of customer success team better than expected

Paul and his team plan to expand FraudForce’s implementation in the year ahead. “We based our decision to switch to iovation on a half integration. We didn’t integrate it into our back office system during the proof-of-concept phase. Even in that limited capacity, our anti-fraud team prefers FraudForce. Now, we’re planning to automate what aspects of the process we can, particularly adding evidence to the iovation Intelligence Center. Once we integrate it into our back office system, our anti-fraud team will have a dashboard to view all aspects of a suspicious account. That will make their work more efficient. We’re very glad to have iovation’s support every step of the way.”